Have we ever wondered where the mangoes and grapes that we are consuming often or milk that we drink daily come from? Does that come from a hygienic environment? What is the track of the supply chain? 

Being a consumer in today’s world, we all have the right to know the source, the process, and the quality. Everyone’s delight exists in the freshness of the product.

How we are eligible for such information?

Parallelly using Blockchain platform, in consultation with AgHub-Agriculture Innovation Hub of PJTSAU, TRST O One mapped the complete process of fruits and vegetables. Weeding out counterfeits TRST01 has set up itself in today’s world demanding TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TRACEABILITY of what you consume.

 Agricultural activities starting before or from seed and stretching to the consumer’s plate(whole vision of truth) is recorded under QR scan. This data is furnished by using blockchain technology. And wonder what that it cannot be manipulated or edited that ultimately provide a high range of secured information to us. Plus with traceability, we can easily locate any problem and correct if there is any.

This technology has strengthened consumers, enhanced their knowledge. How we can stop ourselves from trusting it?

According to a report, agriculture productivity could increase by 25 %  if such a system gets introduced.

So, here TRST01 strives to add value to people’s lives by creating impact is becoming true. It is performing a complete source trace of the produce from the germination, transplantation, growth through harvest and packaging that are adapted, geotagging the fields, and time is taken in this process. All data are recorded and stored for each grape, apple, seed, and vegetable you are consuming. 

 TRST01 which uses a blockchain-enabled traceability platform describes a digital platform that will gather verified data from the farm to the distribution chain to allow customers to trace the production process details until the sales have a quality and controlled product. The unified cloud blockchain platform ensures all data points in the supply chain are securely stored and accessed. TRST01 platform’s primary goal is to create traceability throughout the entire chain, from end to end, with transparency for the consumer as the main benefit. That gives all the answers to the questions that we ever wondered.

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